It's hard to believe that he went from fine to gone in 72 hours.

They've asked me to keep my truck down here and be available for another 10 days. This area is going to be in need of product for a long, long time.

These trees have had 35 years to grow since Camille.

A lot of people do not have transportation to come to our distribution site.

I also see in our business a bigger trend toward dumping those houses and buying smaller houses.

We can get this product from the big distribution centers for a small fee that's already packaged for transportation. That way 100 percent of the product can be used.

We've always been famous for our homemade cream pies and hams.

They tell me they're very, very busy at the office. Donations are running daily with what our expenditures are.

Mike's a heck of an athlete. He's an athletic kid, a quick kid, and he stepped up today.