We've seen the last of those white traverse curtain rods.

Second-guessing is as bad for the criminal justice system as it is for football games. I have a real problem with having a case that was investigated 31 years ago and found to be an accident and then reinvestigated 30-plus years later when everything is destroyed and it's found to be a murder.

Plotinus, 'The One' and the Source of MatterThe ideas that Plotinus developed as a neoplatonist writing about seven hundred years after Plato acknowledged the prior ancient philosophical work by pre-Socratic philosophers on elucidating the concept of ?The One? unified being that creates everything else that exists through another aspect of himself.

I don't think anyone in their right mind could do something like this, especially for the reason this girl did. It was a little ridiculous. It doesn't make sense. That worried me the most, if someone like that was left to be on the streets because I really believe that girl would hurt someone again if she wasn't locked up.

When you're working at the forefront of creative design, you have to borrow from history. The trick is to draw from a past era and reinterpret it.

It's unfair to make somebody defend himself 31 years later, when many of the people who could assist you are deceased, most of the evidence that was collected has been destroyed and most of the memories have faded.