We had our best half of basketball all year. Our defense was outstanding. We started to go a little individual in the second half.

We're looking to play our game and go right at them. If we can get better play out of our back court, especially on defense, and play smart basketball, we could start holding teams in the 40s and 50s.

We needed more offense from Cory and he'll do better away from the pressure of handling the ball all the time.

We played very good team defense, especially in the first half, but on offense it was just the big three for us. We didn't get enough guys involved. They have to look to score.

I give Ironwood a slight edge. I admire these kids. They're always working on their game. They've got a good group and can put five quality players on the floor and anyone of them can score when they need a score, or lead them in scoring.

I thought Mike did a great job running things. The team was more focused and confident with him at the point.

We brought them up to give us energy on the floor. I thought they did a great job in their first varsity game.

We've seen all the teams once. We have some of the better teams at home this time. We're looking at that No. 2 seed in the regional.

We're still making adjustments in personnel to get to where we want to be. But we need to play better defense, no matter who we've got out there. Our interior defense needs to improve. Our help defense needs to get after it, if we're going to get back to where we were last year.