It's not that much of a stretch to be advertising on the PGA.

Tribal-operated casinos have realized that that's a very good way to bring in traffic to their casinos. They're looking for people to come in and spend money on gambling, not just go to a concert.

It looks like they may have stretched some on the top side in Pittsburgh.

Traffic, access, noise, residential protests are problems with outdoor amphitheatres, especially those like White River that are built in rural areas. The traffic issues have to be resolved because ultimately, it's the customer experience that determines whether White River is successful in the long term.

I would be surprised if they (Bon Jovi) go and do sellout business in every arena they play.

What's going to happen when they're gone? It's a legitimate concern in the industry, ... They're a huge percentage of our business.

Florida tends to be one of those places that people like to play in the winter.

They're being more conservative this year.