The strength of the management team at Symantec gives me comfort in deciding to use this transition to take a break after almost 25 years in the high technology industry. I still firmly believe in the strategic rationale for bringing Symantec and VERITAS together.

The reason you need both availability and security is that what you're trying to do in most corporations today is open up their systems and make them accessible and usable by the outside world and by employees.

IT spending is going to lag economic change.

While Ken's misstatement about his academic credentials is unfortunate, it has no bearing on the accuracy of our financial results or the quality of our financial procedures and controls.

We saw really good results in the first quarter but we just saw weakness at the end of the quarter, so we are giving conservative, and what we think is a prudent, approach in the next quarter.

There was certainly no lack of opportunity for me at Oracle, ... At the same time, I have a career desire to be chief executive, and in [the] case of Oracle, Larry is CEO well into foreseeable future.

We looked at all our strategic alternatives, including organic growth, a large acquisition of our own, or carrying on: business as usual. If we did decide to be acquired, then who were we to be aligned with? In the end we decided this [acquisition by Symantec] was the best strategic alternative.