The type of infractions that are being let go - the obvious hooks, holds or water-skiing or tackles - you don't need two referees for that. It's pretty obvious when guys are going to the net and being hauled down with or without the puck. The NHL has done a good job in increasing the flow in their game and our league certainly needs to take a look and we should be following suit.

Just look at what they've done by calling penalties for obstruction and just allowing the freedom to be able to skate. Look at what the style of play in the AJHL is right now - it's night and day (from the NHL). It's frustrating for players and it's frustrating for coaches. It's a rodeo out there, getting to the net.

It's been tough out there getting to the net with the hooking and the holding and the slashes that goes on as you're trying to get there. We just encourage our guys to keep their feet moving and then they'll get rewarded, which they did tonight.

We've played a lot of games this last while with the lead and we've done a good job of not so much protecting it, but making sure we don't sit back on it and continue to go north and continue to put pressure on them and we've done a good job of that all year.

Getting the second goal was huge, but then to come back with another one right away was a big bonus. It was two very good plays, we kept our feet moving going to the net.