Fran Fraschilla
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"Fran Fraschilla" is an United States/American basketball commentator and former college basketball coach.

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The interesting thing is the perception that Rush came in with this me-first, AAU mentality. But the way he plays the game belies that. He's an unselfish team guy who almost has to be pushed into a scorer's role.

I was a bad fit. I was completely not the right guy.

I think it all bodes well for a league that many thought was on an up cycle to begin with.

He'll drive people nuts in the Big 12. Their defensive philosophy makes you do things you don't want to do. They make you play crazy when you have the ball. And offensively, they're a lot more disciplined than you'd think. They're really hard to guard.

Martin is one of the most improved players in the league. He is very efficient on offense because he scores points but is not a ball hog.

They are both teams that play in a competitive league, that have been scratching and clawing for the last month. Those sort of teams are dangerous because of their level of intensity.