Ernest Borgnine
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"Ermes Effron Borgnino", known as "Ernest Borgnine" was an American film and television actor whose career spanned more than six decades. He was an unconventional lead in many films of the 1950s, winning the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1955 for Marty (film)/Marty. On television, he played Quinton McHale in the 1962–1966 series McHale's Navy and co-starred in the mid-1980s action series Airwolf, in addition to a wide variety of other roles. Borgnine earned an Emmy Award nomination at age 92 for his work on the series ER (TV series)/ER. He was also known for being the original voice of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy#Mermaid Man/Mermaid Man on SpongeBob SquarePants from 1999 to 2012.

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I'm what you call a Depression sailor.

Talk about cowboys. That's my passion. I think it's just wonderful when the studios revert back to doing westerns again.

I got a job immediately after leaving high school; I was lucky - three dollars a week and all I could eat, working on a vegetable truck.

Even radar was unheard of when I first went into the service. Then suddenly, they started putting bedsprings up on the tops of ships.

How the West Was Won.

The Navy has changed a great deal. Not that the officers of my day were bad, because I served under a lot of good officers, believe me. But there were a few bad ones, too.

I had a horse in Mexico one time that I rode. He was just bones when I got him. I started feeding him bread and everything else. I called him Bimbo after the bread down there. "Here Bimbo," and he'd come running. He knew me, God bless him. I often wondered what happened to him.