Ernest Bevin
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"Ernest Bevin" was a British statesman, trade union leader, and Labour Party (UK)/Labour politician. He co-founded and served as general secretary of the powerful Transport and General Workers' Union from 1922 to 1940, and as Secretary of State for Employment/Minister of Labour in the Coalition Government 1940-1945/war-time coalition government. He succeeded in maximizing the British labour supply, for both the armed services and domestic industrial production, with a minimum of strikes and disruption. His most important role came as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs/Foreign Secretary in the post-war Labour Party (UK)/Labour Government, 1945-51. He gained American financial support, withdrew from India and much of the Middle East, strongly opposed Communism, and aided in the creation of NATO.

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Unintelligent people always look for a scapegoat.

There never has been a war yet which, if the facts had been put calmly before the ordinary folk, could not have been prevented ... The common man, I think, is the great protection against war.

The main issue (in Kashmir) was who would control the main artery into Central Asia.

The most conservative man in the world is the British Trade Unionist when you want to change him.

Not while I'm alive 'e ain't!