Dustin Penner
FameRank: 6

"Dustin Penner" is a Canada/Canadian professional ice hockey Forward (ice hockey)/forward who is currently an unrestricted free agent. Penner was not drafted by an NHL team; in 2004 he was signed as a free agent by the Anaheim Ducks/Mighty Ducks of Anaheim after playing college hockey for the University of Maine in the National Collegiate Athletics Association/NCAA. Penner won the Stanley Cup in his first full season with the (renamed) Anaheim Ducks in 2007 Stanley Cup Finals/2007, adding a second Stanley Cup in his first full season with the Los Angeles Kings in 2012 Stanley Cup Finals/2012.

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That's what I was doing in Portland. When I got up here, for some reason I wasn't doing it, I was trying to (pass) too quick.

I waited to make contact and then spun off, like I've been trying to do on a consistent basis.

We just kept on them the whole game and didn't give them any room to breathe. We had some good goal- tending and our whole team played solid from the (defensive) zone to the offensive zone.

Anytime you score in the first minute of a period, it really lifts your team. At the same time, it deflates the other team.