I think voters are expecting a competent mayor, somebody who can get things done and get them done fairly. We're in sort of a post-party politics period here, where the traditional tribal politics are being replaced by a competency model.

You don't throw out a mayor who's got a decent-to-good record. You certainly don't throw him out in favor of an opponent who's got a less-than-compelling message.

In the transit strike and even before that, he's come across as a feisty fighter, a real mayor of the people.

What this says is that the Democratic Party is not a fully functioning party. It means that it has lost its base and some sense of its direction. One of the things that's going on here is a lot of soul searching. . . . There are discussions of the old tribal politics being replaced by competence and performance politics.

If the Democrats take over the state Senate, the Republican Party in this state would no longer be just comatose - it would be dead.

The mayor took his pain early on. Tax increases were substantial and hurtful, but they hurt early on, and he had time to recover.

It's the race you'd like to forget. You can't win with this cast.

They're not giving Freddy a breath. They're not giving him one news cycle. They step on every one of his stories.

The institution would have been crippled. It would have been without credibility.