"Donald "Don" Stark" is an American actor known for his role as Midge and Bob Pinciotti/Bob Pinciotti on the long-running Fox Network sitcom That '70s Show for List of That 70's Show episodes/all eight seasons (1998 in American television/1998-2006 in television/2006) and as fictional Los Angeles Devils owner Oscar Kinkade in VH1's Hit the Floor (TV series)/Hit the Floor.

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He's careful and works to make sure he knows where all the political land mines are and sorts them all out and decides what he's going to do -- and tells people.

We look forward to demonstrating the first integrated 10G PHY/EDC device at OFC. This integration, together with the device's onboard clock synthesizer and small inexpensive package, enables introduction of low cost 10GBASE-LRM optical modules.

He speaks out pretty strongly and quickly and some would say harshly on ... what he would see as a sort of giveaway to big business.

We have seen an incredible outpouring of energy, support and passion towards the goal of keeping (the temple) alive and vital. When an obstacle presents itself, how do you respond to it- as a tragedy or an opportunity?