I never did make any money out of that, ... I'm just not able to make it work. It's harder than it looks.

I really blew the opportunity back in the bull market to really make some money because I was so determined to learn this other technique, which it was so hard to master.

I still think they'll be out pulling the kids tubing and skiing, but I don't think you will see the perusing up and down Coralville Lake like you normally would on a Saturday or Sunday.

I should have taken my loss, and so that was a really dumb thing to do, ... timed out.

Very talented but very dedicated, accomplished musician. The way he goes about his music business, he looks at this as a business. He wants to become a professional player and he acts that way.

Listen, we're entrepreneurs. And entrepreneurs are used to long odds. We're used to people telling us we can't do it.

It's not outrageous to ask the School Board to keep its promise. We have to make them abide by their promise.

I'm happy Boca High is getting some needed things, but I don't think it will help in the long run. Boca High has 30 acres of land, which is the smallest site in the county for a comprehensive high school.

This is truly a remarkable evening where artistic achievements are honored, talents are recognized and future aspirations are encouraged.