Don Money
FameRank: 10

"Donald Wayne "Easy" Money" is a retired Major League Baseball/major league baseball player. He currently serves as the special instructor of player development for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Money spent most of his career as a third baseman and was a four-time All-Star. Known as one of the best defensive third basemen of the era, he batted and threw right-handed. He played for the Philadelphia Phillies (1968–1972) and the Milwaukee Brewers (1973–1983). He briefly played for the Kintetsu Buffaloes in Japan for one month at the end of his career.

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Like most schools in the area, we talk about alcohol. I think it (ending underage drinking) starts with the parents and we play a part, too.

We told him he needed to pick up his intensity a little bit. He came out and did that. He's had two good outings and one not so good.

He was doing a great job. We were just hitting the ball into the ground. I wouldn't say we were beating it.

We know they're not professional guys and we tell our guys to try to remember that. We just have to play the game like it is.

That's why we picked him up this year. We needed some pop.