This was a very good Harlan team we beat tonight. The game was billed as two of the best teams in western Iowa, and nobody went home disappointed.

The girls have been very focused this year on what their goals and dreams are. I feel that we've been tested at the right times, and we've been playing our best basketball at the right time.

We've had this dream, and tonight the dream had a chance to become a reality, to be conference champions. When you've got a bunch of seniors that have busted their hump like they have for as long as they have, you get what you ask for.

I have seven great seniors and I'm very proud of each one. They're experiencing a great season and one that still has a lot of promise for all of us.

Sometimes the toughest games to win are the ones you're supposed to. I was proud of the girls for keeping their focus and understanding what we're trying to accomplish and not getting caught up in what our opponent is doing.

What a great bunch. They wore the Lady Monarch uniform with pride. They carried on the fine tradition. I know its hurts right now, but when they reflect and look back on what they've accomplished, it's really matched by very few teams.

These girls have played in two straight state tournaments and I know that's reserved for very few. We fell just short of the triple crown. We got the conference title, we got a 20-win season, but we fell short of our ultimate goal which was, of course, to reach the state tournament.

We made three or four key stops and hit a couple of big baskets and the momentum swung our way. In the last three or four minutes, everybody had a big hand in it.

We didn't have an answer for Lund. She hit the three when we doubled on her. We jumped out hard on her and did all we could defensively, but she was still able to hit the three, nothing but net. Give her credit. She made a big play for them when they needed one.