We'd end up in the office talking hockey. He offered (to coach), and I'm not one to turn down help.

I finally got a call back and they said there should have been a penalty. The player has to make an attempt to avoid contact, and the player clearly didn't.

Their 13 were much better than our 16 because they played as a team. We had a whole bunch of individuals.

Logically, he wouldn't have played, but he's just such a competitor. He knew how important this game was. Unfortunately, a couple of our defensemen didn't. Two or three of our guys had horrendous nights.

He's all heart. I'm assuming he's done a good bit of street fighting in his day. He just knows how to fight.

We talked about the things we should have done better and the players made the corrections today.

Sometimes you just have to find that extra gear, that extra level. Even with the guys we're missing, having everybody contribute in their roles will give us a chance to succeed any night.

Our passing was abysmal. Passing is a caring skill. If you care to put the pass on the guy's tape, you can make it. I haven't played a game in 30 years and I know I can do it. I do it in practice every day.

This is so disappointing. This was a very big game for us tonight.