The roof had heating elements in it because of the snow and ice build up, ... Rain and melted snow and ice would run down drainage pipes inside the (support) columns into an underground drainage system.

The rules don't change. We follow the same policies that we've had in place throughout the school year.

The first couple days we couldn't contact hams there, but they've recovered and we're passing messages back and forth.

We've never collected a rental tax before, so there is only speculation on the amount of revenue it might generate, ... If it were to generate more than is anticipated we may not need a lodgings tax increase, or maybe not as much of one. I think within a few months -- three or four -- we will have a good idea of what it will generate for the year.

We plan on doing some work to it this year. We're here to see what we can see. There are a lot of possibilities. I imagine a lot of people are planning to spend a lot of their income tax returns on their homes.

Alabama's always been known for people very generous in time of need. I would expect nothing less from the people in Tuscaloosa County.