"Donald George "Don" Anderson" was a senior Australian public servant. He was Departmental secretary/Director-General of the Department of Civil Aviation (Australia)/Department of Civil Aviation from January 1956 until September 1973.

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We live in a disposable society, but here, you keep and reuse. I once ordered a part and had it delivered. The part was $10. The delivery was $90. After that, you tend to weigh those decisions a little more carefully.

In the middle of church.

I don't understand why in the world he'd want to go down there and end his tour of duty in a situation where he could just bomb out. He couldn't bomb out in Wichita.

It'll keep the tensions down.

When the price of the building is going up faster than you can raise the money, it is a little discouraging sometimes. The construction inflation has just been incredible.

Many northerners just arriving here have not even unpacked choosing to turn around and head north by northeast back toward Jacksonville, into Georgia, etc.,

All of us who live along the river monitor the river levels. You can plan a lot of your operations around river projections, such as where to move equipment and make plans on pruning crews and those types of things, so it is a real handy tool.

We came down off our hill and looked towards St. Helens and saw this huge black cloud and thought it was a thunderstorm.