"Don McKinzie Allison", known as "Donnie Allison", was a musician and vocalist from Lubbock, Texas/Lubbock, Texas. He sang on Music Television and performed at the Cactus Theater in Lubbock in such productions as Jesus Christ Superstar and Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story, the saga of the Lubbock rock and roll legend Buddy Holly.

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The onus is on us to demonstrate (there is enough water) to the Department of Water Resources.

Being selected to guide this historic property through its next phase of development is an honor and an exciting opportunity. Our goal is to develop a project that honors the historical significance and small-town charm of Young's Farm and the surrounding area.

The whole sport is odd, but within the sport it's even an odd kind of race because of the fact that it seems so difficult. Those who do it seem to love it and embrace it. Others kind of look askance on it.

We don't have that right now.