The whole teams' development last year to this year has been tremendous. They played bigger than their size. They made tremendous progress. The future looks bright. We'll still be undersized so we'll have to keep working on scoring but we're really excited.

We didn't shoot very well. I thought we had the shots, but didn't knock 'em down.

We moved the ball and ran the offense early. We showed patience but then Bellevue turned the tide back on us with increased intensity. They took away our second-chance shots and really took control. We battled back in the third and rallied when we ran the offense again.

One game, we'll shoot well and another game we won't shoot well. I can't put my finger on it.

Those are always momentum changers. That's always a boost. It allows for a different mental approach coming back out.

We played awfully good defense. We needed to hit some more shots. We didn't quite get it done but the kids never gave up. They have so much heart. I'm so proud of the kids.