Dick Button
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"Richard Totten "Dick" Button" is an American former figure skating/figure skater and a well-known long-time skating television analyst. He is a twice Figure Skating at the Olympic Games/Olympic Champion (1948, 1952) and five-time World Figure Skating Championships/World Champion (1948–1952). He is also the only non-European man to have become European Figure Skating Championships/European Champion.

Button is credited as having been the first skater to successfully land the axel jump/double axel jump in competition in 1948, as well as the first triple jump of any kind – a triple loop jump/loop – in 1952. He also invented the flying camel spin, which was originally known as the "Button camel".

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It's the event everybody can relate to. It's got beauty, it's got talent and it's got athletic perfection of the most extraordinary level.

That was a devastating time for all of us to deal with. The crash took away so many in the skating community.

You have a new rule system which is so calculated, so difficult and so complicated.

It's going to be more fun than anything for me because for once we'll be able to say what we want. We'll be able to really applaud the skaters. We'll be able to cry with what we see has gone wrong.

It's beautiful theater. It has everything going for it. I mean music and choreography and . . . beautiful girls. It's an elegant, wonderful sport.

It also includes music, choreography, what kind of expression are they bringing onto it?

I think it's been a scandal to a certain degree so far, but whether it will end up being a full-blown one, I don't think so. And I don't think it should be.

The scandal helps people become aware of (skating). And once they're aware of it, they're hooked.

I'm told I had to be put in a straitjacket for the first five days because I was so violent, which is a reflection of having really damaged your brain.