"Sidney Derrick Harris" is a former professional American football player who played running back for four seasons for the St. Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers.

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This application confirms Z-Trim's ability to reduce fat and add fiber to meats without affecting taste or texture.

It's kind of like when there's an open pit latrine behind a trailer. Yes, it does serve a purpose, but it's illegal and it's dangerous and we don't allow them in the state of Alabama.

Buyers are taking a wait-and-see attitude. Interest rates crept up a tiny bit, but I haven?t heard much talk of a slow-down.

Whatever it is, it's pretty much an educated guess. That's like saying, 'How many illegal moonshine stills are there in Alabama?' Nobody really knows for sure.

Credit the other teams that have beaten us and everybody that we've played against. At the same time, we've beat ourselves so many times over and over. That's why it makes it more frustrating. If the team is flat out better, you could deal with it. When you beat yourself, that's when it hurts the most.

This event is going to be unlike anything that has ever been done in Nashville. Plan on being surprised by a truly sophisticated fashion show experience. Guests will witness not only the hottest Spring styles for men and women, but will be a part of an event that will showcase Nashville's progression into a truly cosmopolitan city to live, work and play.

A flat market is normal during the winter months.

They should have enough land to build the headquarters where it is now with what land they have now.

As the first-of-its-kind inaugural event, the show is going to shake things up, open some eyes and has the components to become one of Nashville's annual premier must-see events.

People are still looking for places in those lower median price places. But Southern Oregon is still very popular. People are making phone calls checking Web sites and asking for information.

We have now received orders from four different countries through DKSH and continue to test in many more.