That took the wind out of our sail, that's for sure. You'd like it not to, but that's a pretty big hit by that kid. He did a good job. I think he was on base all day.

Getting the wing back going may be key. We've been rotating some guys there and will continue to do so until someone shows it's his spot.

He's not only big and strong, he's got moves. They were just better than we were tonight. They're going to win a lot of football games this year, that's for sure.

We didn't do a very good job at defending tonight. A few times, our corners got sealed inside and we got burned on it.

Their quarterback can run and throw well. They have an end that has speed and their halfback is 215 pounds so we have our hands full. They have several threats that we have to be aware of.

Our success will depend on how fast the juniors and sophomores can adjust to the varsity game. We have a very talented younger group. This first year AA will be a challenge for us.