In the absence of that, I am happy to play solo, but I don't think there is any comparison.

I think playing solo is a second rate activity, really. For me, playing is about playing with other people.

Playing music is not really susceptible to theory much. Circumstances affect it so much.

The first Company concert was a single concert with a quartet who all knew each other, although they didn't play together regularly.

In fact it's quite gratifying for me to see some of the people who really objected to this method of working now being quite so profligate in their use of it.

I think the blues is fine for blues players, but free blues has never made much sense to me.

Even if it is difficult playing with other people - sometimes it's great, sometimes it isn't, but that is kind of the point of it. It loses its point playing solo.

I don't think it is any different from what it was, except that the method is now familiar so you can't set up some internal shock situation.

Younger players in this music often turn out to be middle aged; it is not a young music.