It's a chicken-and-egg thing. If you have people studying to be engineers or whatever, you have to have jobs for them or they can't stay here. And if we don't have workers with the right skills, it's hard to get the jobs. It's something you have to build toward.

We've not had a significant utilization of the chamber staff, ... But if I needed administrative help, I could call on the chamber staff for that.

There are a lot of good things here, and we've got to convince other people of that.

Basically, the chamber and the economic development office shared a leadership position when Eric Davis was president, and in doing so they also shared in the cost of that position.

I have looked on scenery as a strange and on scenery more grand, but on scenery at once so strange and so grand I have never looked and probably never shall again.

That's the beginning of a month, and we felt that was a good time to terminate the agreement.

In the long term, there are many factors that will help the luxury market, the creation of new wealth and the Asian tourist boom.

At the margin, we remain a holder of Microsoft shares, not an aggressive buyer.

I think that cut is priced into the markets.