"Harold Dean Steward Jr." was a professional American football/football player in the National Football League. He was a member of the "Steagles", a team that was the result of a temporary merger between the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers due to the league-wide manning shortages in 1943 brought on by World War II. Steward was drafted by the military during the war, however he was not called up by his draft board until after the 1943 NFL season/1943 season. Steward's name is listed on the WW II Honor Roll, which lists the over 1,000 NFL personnel who served in the military during war. The listing of players has been enscribed on a plaque, located at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

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Federal penitentiaries are dangerous, violent places. My client and these others are small minorities within the system.

The reality is, federal penitentiaries are violent and dangerous places and all of these guys — white guys — are a small minority and they're just trying to survive.

Ninety percent of the evidence is going to be the testimony of these 42 inmate witnesses, and every single one will be getting something.

The murders and assaults happened. There's no dispute. The question is why. Was there someone behind it or was it a personal dispute between the people involved? That's the mystery you guys are going to have to decide.