It's never rained while we're here. We bring good luck to it.

I knew I had to pick it up a notch, and that all comes with getting my body stronger, ... I'm not worried about anything. I just feel I'm more mature and understand the game better. I understand the system better, and I know what coach wants, so I'm attacking because I'm 100-percent healthy.

The company story is that the workforce is everything, ... it's 'Our people make the difference.' But, if you read this memo, their people aren't making the difference. It's time to get a new, younger workforce that doesn't go see the doctor.

I can't even put it into words, ... There were 65-, 70-year-old people who have to start from scratch. It's nuts . . . . people don't have anything anymore.

During the lean times, sometimes pay periods would be skipped. Employees came to expect this, because when financing did come in, they would be brought up current.

Good, ... How is it down there?

They just got going, ... You can't let guys like that get comfortable.

When I came into the league, I was just looking to find my niche, to find where I could fit in and be productive and help my team.

One thing that I have found a little harder in the league than college is just being able to get shots, ... That's probably the biggest adjustment. You have to take shots when you get them.