That's a huge project. This one will dwarf that, in terms of scope, impact and right of way.

I'd like to hope none, but it is going to be confusing, and we do want people to be cautious.

So much of what contractors use is petroleum derivative stuff.

That will be a little less intrusive.

[The consultant will look at] construction issues, utility issues, right-of-way issues, traffic issues, everything that comes into play in these multiple giant projects, ... try and determine if they should be done in a specific order to save money and minimize the impact on motorists.

The development plan was certainly satisfactory, ... The department is very satisfied, very pleased with where (Macon) is.

Truck-only lanes is a significant priority of the department, both in the concept for I-75/575 and also statewide, particularly in metro Atlanta. We are very confident that it has an application and a use in metro Atlanta.

That is a moving violation. There are fines and points against your license.

It's not a simple process. It's an important part of the plan, but just one small step.