Absolutely, they are a hazard. People in smaller boats really need to keep a look out for submerged or partially submerged vessels.

We strive to do what is best for our student-athletes so they can succeed in the classroom and on the playing field. Athletics done the right way can mean so much to a university, like it has here at Colgate for many, many years.

Your liability is such that you're going to be very careful. A driver that has passed our test will be aware of all the possible dangers, because that's their job.

Most of the people returning are business owners and salaried workers. Most of the hourly people are finding work in other cities.

I tell recruits, if you come to Colgate, you're going to be taught by outstanding faculty, not graduate assistants. There are a lot of professors who, once they get to know the student-athletes in their classroom, are going to develop a relationship with them.

They are a family. The question is whether the law will recognize that reality . . . or create a fiction and treat them as strangers.

I think there is definitely a renaissance in the art community of Oakland. Oakland is starting to have self-determination and tell our stories. It's part of the spirit of Oakland.

They're calling us. We've been trying to flag them down, and now they're calling us.

Madison is the quintessential New England town. And it's because of our secluded wooded areas. Preserving this would ensure higher property values.