If you apply it literally, it prohibits detention as such because it is absolutely degrading to be sitting, instead of running around and applying your trade of killing Americans, it is degrading to be sitting in a cell.

Everybody is treated the same way. You have dramatically eroded the symbolism, and after all, this is the war of ideas and symbols as much as the war of substance.

[In the 1960s, liberals] were arguing there was a constitutional basis to allow a judicially imposed redistribution of wealth: 'Why should one person live in a hovel and another live in a palace?', ... None of it got off the ground.

I knew that the losses should not have been claimed on the tax forms.

I couldn't hear much, but didn't care. Until I saw the Beatles play live, I had no idea that musicians could generate that kind of adoration. I was transformed by the whole experience.

They definitely don't have to carry out a specific act of terrorism to be found guilty; otherwise, the whole material support statute wouldn't fly. The government has a strong case against Mr. Padilla. I think he's in a heap of trouble.

Torture is defined, with reasonable certainty, severe pain and suffering, physical or psychological. It is defined about as well as legal terms can be defined.

The real issue is the definitional issue.

It's a crying shame that they're doing this.