What we've seen is the loss of democracy as we know it, ... It's poor public policy that somebody loses their seat based upon a fraud.

What most residents are getting right now are the truck lanes of the Internet.

I like the beauty of the ornaments. And we just like Christmas. A lot.

The philosophy here is one ID card has [multiple] technologies on it.

You can't say based upon tonight's results that the City of Jefferson wants a Wal-Mart.

We're just out here to run around and get some exercise.

Wal-Mart is coming to Jefferson, ... Don't let anybody kid you. I am guessing right now that if the (Wal-Mart) people in Bentonville (Ark.) don't already know the election results, they will know first thing in the morning and they will trot out the old annexation paperwork faster than Brian Calhoun can get a first down.

There is a higher level of federal oversight with the negotiation panel. There is a certain level of formality and clarity, and it gives us some reassurance.

I only buy ones I like. I could stop if I choose.