They would have to obtain a registration from the BAR if they wanted to operate the program like they have it set up in other states. If they wanted to do it differently, and have the consumer involved and have the consumer approve any changes, then that facility would operate pretty much like a drive-up claims center.

A few shops have made complaints to the department of insurance about it.

It's probably something that our guys would not be in favor of, but I think there would have to be more research to see what the pros and cons to that would be.

I think overall we liked some of the suggestions. I think they're going to have to be discussed a bit further, though.

A couple of years ago this popped up, and we found out that the insurance companies were referring to the lien law. If the shops don't know the laws and don't know any different, they just go along with it. We've been systematically reminding members about it.