The Force has been able to challenge elementary age to high school age students all over the world and helped to change their (the students) lives.

They're a good scrappy team and they fought hard. We had to go out and fight.

We had that big lead, we subbed a little bit and they cut it down. Lincoln is a good, scrappy team and they fought really hard.

Our main objective is to get into the schools during the day to promote character building and drug awareness. We do that by getting their (students) attention with feats of strength.

It was real important. It puts us (all alone) in second place. It was a nice win.

If consumers cared deeply about that kind of tiered pricing schedule, it's not going to happen, because no broadband provider in their right mind, at this point, is going to risk a significant part of its audience for a small increase in its revenue.

We knew they were good three-point shooters and we knew they were real good running their set plays against man (defense). We wanted to try and see how they would do against a zone and it worked for us tonight.

I thought he stepped up real big.

That gave us momentum. If they make a run there we might hang our heads in the locker room, but we ended up getting the last run there in the first half and had some momentum going into the locker room. That gave us a boost for the third quarter and the fourth quarter.