In about 30 days we'll address whether another truckload of supplies should be sent. The effort will have to be ongoing for these people - there's no quick fix, they'll need food, clothing, water and more in the months ahead.

I knew we needed it. I was waiting in the box for something to happen and got a good look at it and hit it in.

The state gets a lot of attention, and it gives residents a wonderful chance to participate in the democratic process.

A lot of people in the business community are questioning what this is all about.

If this range expansion continues, we're probably going to have more moose than in pre-Colonial times.

We have a servant evangelism committee, and we normally reach out to the community, but we decided to broaden our scope and now we are reaching out to our brothers and sisters along the Gulf Coast who are in need of assistance.

We're checking now to see where the greatest need is.

It hit all of us like a sledgehammer. The kids were so happy. ... They were wonderful. You just can't imagine going from a beautiful moment to it's all over. It's a tragedy all the way around.