We're not the same hardy stock.

It could be that as many as half the homes in the city are destroyed.

If we put it on Nagel, it doesn't disperse the traffic as soon as possible. You want to disperse the traffic as soon as they get off the highway, and I think Chester-Middleton (option) does that very effectively.

We need to find athletes who are determined to play as a team and have positive attitudes. Hopefully these guys can see what we're trying to do.

Ocean Springs has a great track team. The biggest race of the night might be between Ocean Springs' Kelvin Bolden and Henry. They both have been chasing each other all year, so it might be the best race to watch.

We can live with that.

The Chester-Middleton option offers more improvement than the other three. If we put traffic on Nagel, it won't disperse. It'll be another Crocker Road. Five years after it's done, you'll be back here figuring out how to improve it.

We can't logistically supply 19 counties with water and essential supplies.

Around 80 percent of the community was impacted.