We are taking particular interest in the relays this time around and not just running with if we have somebody that can run a 100.

A crime versus people is a crime versus God. It undercuts what it means to be a part of a caring world.

The reality in Oregon is that we are addicted.

There is no question about that. We do have to step up to the plate in that area. I think we are confident and if you look at the Under-17 Boys, six of them qualifying in the 100. That is a very good sign.

When he makes a play, he comes down the court with a big grin. He's loves being on the court.

The equipment was set up from about 11:30 this [yesterday] morning. I saw them test it and it was working, but something went wrong just before the meet got under way.

We take full responsibility, but we are always looking at ways that the technical aspects of the meets could flow.