"David Lester" is the name of:

* David Lester (biochemist) (1926–1990), American biochemist

* David Lester (musician), guitar player for Mecca Normal, book author and publisher

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We had 23 of them, ... each a craftsman and a leader, running independent but coordinated crews. The studio was not happy.

Later this year, we will begin customer testing.

We are now at the start of the last year of our technology roadmap. We finished work on our new trading system just before Christmas. It is now being internally tested until September or October.

Everyone in this business is freelance, ... So they're used to downtime. But if you're a live action special-effects coordinator, you have thousands of dollars of equipment you're making payments on. These are the people I worry about leaving.

The new trading platform is designed for multi-asset capabilities. We have the ability to build in new capabilities for derivatives and options trading.

[But when the Serenity was created in just 14 weeks, the studio felt much better.] I defy anyone, ... to find that much talent anywhere else in the world.

It was hugely helpful to be able to tell people they could stay with their spouses, with their children. I shamelessly used that argument. Everyone was committed to showing that this could be done.