"David "Davey" Law" was a Scotland/Scottish cartoonist best known for creating Dennis the Menace and Gnasher/Dennis the Menace and Beryl the Peril for Dundee publishers D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd .

Law was born and raised in Edinburgh and educated at Edinburgh College of Art. He first worked for Odhams Press as an illustrator, before moving to D. C. Thomson in the early 1930s. He drew cartoons for Thomsons newspapers like the Evening Telegraph (Dundee)/Evening Telegraph, including a strip called The Wee Fella.

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Overall, I'm happy with the job they did. I told them from day one I expected them to be in the championship game.

New drivers need to have their full attention on the road and this is one major distraction that we in the Legislature can limit.

Common sense tells you that with inexperienced drivers on the road, anything we can do to keep their attention on the roadway is beneficial for all of us.

I expect other legislators to hear from people on this, too, ... I think we may have action on this by the end of next month.