We don't always know what they're going through, and they don't always open up. I'm here to listen, but I don't sugarcoat it. If they are messing up, I tell them.

We swung the bat well, and put the ball in play. And we also did a good job of stringing those hits together; we had a lot of back-to-back hits in our big innings.

It's a total effort of the whole staff. It's nothing that I've done by myself. All the teachers work hard, and they don't hesitate to call me when they are concerned about a student.

I'm real pleased with how we played defensively.

This was the first complete game we've played this season. Josh got ahead on a lot of his pitches and threw a great game.

They were playing well, we were playing well. We just had a few big hits in the fifth.

Josh struggled a little bit early, but then he started throwing his breaking pitch pretty good. Our defense played well behind him, and we swung the bats effectively. We didn't commit any errors, so that's a good thing.

Hitting is all about getting hits grouped together. It was good to see us get some hits grouped together.