The thing that hurt us was lack of people. If we had numbers, it would have been a different match.

The trouble we have with the European Union is like any big bureaucracy, it's rather slow to act. It's taken over a year to get from a policy paper to an action plan, and it'll perhaps be next year till that money comes through.

Technophiles in Western Europe prefer Sony Ericsson, while those in the U.S. prefer Sanyo brand products. Sony Ericsson has firmly re-established its dominance as a technology innovator, with 49 percent of users in Western Europe choosing SEMC due to its feature/technology offerings.

I think everyone benefits in a slow market. I think the buyers benefit in getting a property at a better price, and I think sellers are still getting a very fair price for their property. There is not an imbalance.

You really need to look at making repairs that are profitable in terms of selling the house. They want to see that pedestal sink.

Buyers are looking for a deal. It does not necessarily mean there are any deals out there. A well-priced house still sells at a premium even in a transitional market.

Where they occurred, the light rains wetted fine-textured fuels such as grasses and weeds and thus temporarily lowered the risk of accidental starts from sparks. Larger fuels (limbs and logs three inches and above in size) were impacted very little.

It's going to be a very nice retail center.

Fixed-mobile convergence prospects look good. We found massive interest in the ability to call from home on your cell phone at landline rates, something both cellular operators and fixed-mobile operators can offer.