"David Michael Gonski" Order of Australia/AC is an Australian public figure and businessman. He is a leading philanthropist and Patron of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation.

In 2008, The Sydney Morning Herald described him as "one of the country's best-connected businessmen" and dubbed him "Mr Networks" for being "arguably Sydney's most networked man." A profile in 2010 by Australian author and Herald columnist, Malcolm Knox (author)/Malcolm Knox said that Gonski is "a quiet man, in some ways invisible, and cleaves to the shadows. If he were to draw a self-portrait, Gonski would get more use out of an eraser than a pencil."

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The market is saying we want a nice flow of dividends and we want growth and all I am saying is that I don't think we can have both.

How else can I get 540 people to come to my birthday?