It really hadn't hit him yet how sick his dad was. He's had a number of strokes and he always ended up going home.

I'm very free-market for being a Democrat. I definitely think the market will take care of itself.

When language (in the agreement) requires local labor, we want to make sure our guys have the opportunity.

We're all pretty close friends, a tight little bunch. If we had to go up there, we wouldn't mind. We would make that the meeting place. It was understood that Lorenzo had to take care of his responsibilities.

That's not how I define free market. I don't see how the governor giving (businesses) money is necessarily free market. That's more of a government-sponsored business.

This operation was an enormous success. The capture of Losey and the hundreds of others arrested across Arizona demonstrates the power of law enforcement when we partner up with our federal, state, and local counterparts.

Colors have to flow for visual harmony. Part of the deal to achieve harmony is to use it more than once in a room.