They shocked us, we never expected them to throw this much. We anticipated them running the ball. We just did the best we could.

I hope that he's happy here and will stay because we've laid the foundation now to do a lot of good things here. The Theater District is not the end, it's the beginning.

Yes, [Basin Street was] first, and maybe they will be the largest. As far as concerns about what some have called 'Whitesville,' they don't understand what's happening here.

We achieved our fourth consecutive quarter of net income in excess of $1 billion and the highest net income ever reported by the company in a non-Christmas quarter in our history.

I am pleased to report another record quarter of sales and earnings.

From a convenience ? and cost standpoint will be very important.

Each of our operating divisions reported increased operating income as a percent of sales and surpassed their own aggressive plans.

We're really excited about growth internationally.

It's one thing after another to get the pieces in place. We will hit challenges, and we will work through them.