These kinds of resources generally cannot be found on the board or within the management team, given the inherent nature of boss/subordinate relationships. We believe neutral advice from a fellow top executive external to the company will ultimately prove invaluable.

You're not spinning your wheels trying to find hotels or the right road into town.

We certainly don't need to get in a position where we have created some expectation that three or four years from now we can't meet. Promising a full scholarship at this early stage is not a good idea.

One of the problems is the fact that solving Y2K may be a multicompany problem. Diagnosing that when three companies are struggling will be tough.

The kids' attention span is limited anyway. They're happy to see a little, move on, come back to the ship, hang out with the friends they've made and eat American food for dinner.

The goal is not to cover ground that has already been covered, ... The agent knows exactly what you've done to date, and they will know whether or not you have downloaded software that is year-2000-compliant. And they don't have to ask you questions that you may not know the answer to.