The numbers speak for themselves. We have managed a dramatic re-engineering of the company in fiscal 2005, and shown four profitable quarters. Our challenge is now to grow the company, and realize some of the exciting opportunities that we see before us in both the commercial and business aviation markets.

The Prime Minister has been chairman of the national AIDS committee but has not attended one meeting.

It is reminiscent of the Japan-based boom of the 1960s that seemed destined to create unbounded wealth.

Those dollar amounts are not going to stretch as far, ... Do we have a problem? Yes, indeed.

It's always the problem with our resources industry. They have a history of boom and bust...hopefully they have learnt from their past mistakes.

There comes a time when whatever they're doing is not enough, and people who never applied for [assistance] are going to be in a position where they have to.

We've done walking tours before, ... Citizens Bank has sponsored them to take them to a new level.

We didn't want to sit on it any longer, based upon the respect we have for the patients and the risk it could potentially create.

People will have to be turned away.