Texas Genco is an ideal strategic fit with NRG. The strengths of its people and its assets align closely with our own, bolstering NRG's platform for growth and our ability to drive value for our shareholders.

After eight years and the last three hours and 10 minutes, this is so worth the wait.

[Nigerian officials have] a responsibility to turn him over to us. International law requires them to, ... West Africa and West African leaders need to understand it's the rule of law.

There's nothing about being in Texas we don't like.

You have a story, it doesn't work, you throw it out, and you have to come up with another story in the same week. That goes away and you have to find a third story. Every night you're coming up with a whole new idea.

It was a very constructive exercise. The final product is a better measure.

I think we paid a fair price at the right time. Companies like this don't become available in our sector very often.

Nigeria is a sophisticated country. They understand the concept of international law. I truly cannot believe that such a country as Nigeria would knowingly and willfully in the long-term harbor a war crimes fugitive such as the likes of Charles Taylor.

We need to have Charles Taylor turned over to us and put into a detention cell where he will receive a fair and open trial, ... He is presumed innocent until proven guilty.