Wow. It's almost the Holy Grail.

We've camped out and fished for the last seven, eight years. It's a tradition.

We're staying in town tonight, where should we go party? ... We haven't had a break in so long.

The problem has grown in momentum over the past 20 years, but it was not a major issue until the last five or six years or so.

It is a weird experience being in a cafeteria with everyone. But let's have fun!

We've got some things on the burner. There's definitely more coming for spring and summer.

We're getting e-mails left and right. We probably average 20 to 30 begging e-mails a day.

It costs too much to retrofit. It's better to build a new hospital with state-of-the-art equipment.

Their future was really bright. They were just ready to go out after it. ... It's almost disturbing to know [about the deaths].