I was extremely pleased with the way that we played in our matches. It was nice to see that the things we have been emphasizing in practice were put into play during the matches. It's always nice to come away with some victories during the spring, but it was more important for us to see that we were progressing and improving as a team.

The team played very well for their first spring match. They were loose throughout all of the matches and played with an aggressive tempo, which was encouraging to see. They responded very well on runs, and it was a good sign of their progress.

It's been a very positive spring season for us because we've made a lot of improvements as a team in all facets of the game. Everybody has gotten better, and most importantly, we've gotten better as a team. It's good to see that they are receptive to change and have a desire to improve, and hopefully, that will mean good things for us in the future.