I knew she had the athletic talent to play there. She had the arm and range to do the things I needed the shortstop to do.

When your mom named you, she did not know how accurate she was.

He's the guy we go to when we need something. He's always in the right place at the right time.

We are still in discussions. And progress is being made.

It's a lonely job. I'm sure they appreciated the other one's situation.

Move the turbine from the ramp, south on I-205, to exit 12A and east to about 118th. ODOT maintenance crews will enact a rolling blockade holding traffic behind the moving turbine, in the right and center lanes of I-205 southbound and the left lane will remain open to traffic.

It was phenomenal for a freshman to come in and do that well.

It was an inspired choice and an inspiring performance. There doesn't seem to be a weakness in your abilities.

Arizonans should immediately repeal the so-called Clean Elections law, which is bad policy and which entrenches a sitting governor.