We were tested today. We hung tough and got the run we needed, but it was really a hard-fought win.

It's like two freight trains coming together for the first time in the season and we're going to have to see how things settle out. They've got a great team and we have a great team. Everybody in the county was probably hoping that we would be undefeated going into that game. It's going to happen.

You can't take anything away from them. They were hungry -- I think a little more hungry than we were today. They made the great plays when they needed to.

It just didn't seem like we could pull the trigger like we typically do. She seemed sneaky fast today.

I don't really look at it as a measuring stick. I look at it as we're going out and playing a good team and let's see how we play them.

We were just throwing hard, high heat. We were trying to get them to chase it, which they were. Court was smart today. This was probably her best game this year, by far.

There were a lot of days I saw that man over there with the sweat just dripping off of him as he was hand raking. This guy didn't get on a tractor, buddy. He hand raked those fields and got them ready. What dedication and what commitment and to go so unnoticed.